Little Cotton


β€œNeo-animism prompts us to rethink our relationships with the world, and where the frontier between human and nonhuman, living and non-living, might be located.”

β€” Betti Marenko, Neo-Animism and Design.

This is a project that using data from the real world to have an impact on a virtual world. As objects that emerging technology become smarter, the way of experiencing the interaction with everyday objects makes the objects seems alive with a soul. It is the new way of understanding and using animism. In this project, a cup with a lid will sense if it is in use and the temperature of the beverage that in itself, and then have a response in the virtual world. Little Cotton is the cat that living in this virtual world, and it will only show up when the temperature is his favorite. I am trying to use the theory of Neo-animism to see how the thingness of a daily object will change. The small virtual world only contains a small island, and there are only a tree, a cup, and a cat on this island. They are all affected and response to the data from the real world.

Tools: Arduino, Unity, Blender